● Do you want to lose or gain weight?

Do you have high blood pressure or altered nutrition related labs?

Would you like to learn more about vegetarian, vegan or gluten free diets?

Are you interested in learning how to plan a balanced diet?

Do you have a food allergy or diet related GI symptoms?

Consider Nutrition Coaching with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.


Nutrition Coaching

Assessment: Before your appointment you will be asked to fill out a nutrition assessment sheet. This includes what you eat in a typical day, questions about your diet history, any medical conditions you have, supplements you take, and your height and weight. During the meeting you will be provided with tools and education to help you achieve a healthy balanced diet. You will work together with a dietitian to discuss and set goals and make plans to achieve them. Nutrition education and resources tailored to your goals will be provided. (60 min)
Value: $120.00

Follow-Up Session: Depending on your personal situation one meeting may be enough to get you started with a healthy diet or you may want follow-up visits to provide ongoing support with meeting your goals. During follow-up visits your goals and progress towards them will be reviewed. Barriers to goals will be discussed to determine solutions and new goals may be set once original goals are achieved. Nutrition education and resources tailored to your goals will be provided. (45 min)
Value: $100.00

Nutrition Coaching Package:
Initial Assessment (60 min) plus two Follow-Up Sessions. (45 min)
Value: $300.00

Wellness Session: Includes laboratory tests and nutrition counseling for results. Multiple lab tests available. Please contact for more information.

Value: Varies on desired labs

Other Services: Nutrition presentations, cooking demos, healthy kitchen makeovers, meal plans, healthy meal preparation, and other individualized services. Please contact for more information.


Insurance is currently not accepted. Coaching is available over the phone or in person depending on location.