Wellness Bootcamp

● Are you having difficulty maintaining healthy habits with a busy schedule?

● Do you want to make healthy changes but don’t know where to start?

● Are you looking to save time and money with realistic meal ideas?

● Are you finding yourself lacking energy and not meeting your goals?

● Do you need guidance and accountability to get you on track with healthy changes?

● Consider enrolling in the Wellness Boot Camp.


The Wellness Boot Camp includes six sessions covering:

  • How to Change Habits: During this session we will review current habits and work together to identify small sustainable changes to improve your health and save you time.
  • Diet Review: Together we will review your current diet and assess areas where you would like to make changes to improve your nutrition.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack Ideas: Here is where we will discuss quick and balanced Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack ideas and how to fit them into your busy schedule.
  • Sleep: In this session we will discuss your current sleep habits and where changes can be made to help support your health and wellness.
  • Exercise & Activity: We will discuss recommended activity levels and work together on changes you would like to make to your current activity.
  • Follow up & Accountability Session: In this final session we will check in and review all the changes that you have made so far, any additional changes you would like to make, and answer any additional questions.


Each session is 60 mins long and we will start where you are and work to make small sustainable changes that will fit into your busy schedule. Sessions will be every other week over three months. Current availability is on Monday and Thursday from 11am-8pm PST. Additional times may be available on request. Once you enroll in the Wellness Bootcamp links will be emailed for you to complete the necessary forms, schedule your sessions and complete a pre-session questionnaire so we will be ready to start focusing on healthy changes your first session. Coaching is available over the phone or Facetime.

Value: $800.00


Insurance is currently not accepted. A superbill will be provided upon request. Unfortunately, at this time, I do not accept Medicare patients, but I am happy to refer you to a practitioner that does.